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Why Do We Tolerate Animal Cruelty?


This is a shocking story that will touch the heart of every pet owner and cat lover no matter who you are. We don’t like reading or writing about sad stories like this but it’s important that such incidents are made public to prevent them from happening again.

What would be going on in the mind of a human being when he or she commits such cruel acts towards defenceless animals. No matter how hard our lives might be, nothing can justify this kind of inhumane behaviour towards an innocent little kitty. Read on below and be shocked….

POLICE: Louisville man beat cat to death with broom

“Police say a Louisville man was arrested Thursday night after he beat a cat to death with a broom.”


Would you harm this cute little kitty?

The question really is – how do we prevent such things from happening to animals that are unable to defend themselves? And what sort of punishment should a person receive after committing such a cowardly deed? Are human beings that do such things to animals not merely proving that they do not deserve to be called human?

It’s hard not to think in terms of “an eye for an eye” in cases like this one – but that would just make us as inhumane as the criminals themselves. And yes, I do think cruelty to animals deserves to be called a criminal act and should be severely punished.

What punishment do you think this individual deserves? After all, he deliberately caused this kitty to suffer incredible pain before he killed it. Are we able to rehabilitate such people? I often wonder about the human race and why we are hell bent on destroying other humans, animals and our planet.