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Maria Sharapova loves her pooch


If ever we needed proof that our pets are great for keeping us mentally in good shape then this is it. If life is driving you nuts and you feel that you are going to crack under the strain then you can do no better than finding yourself a nice pet companion. Somehow pets seem to be a real leveller when it comes to helping their human masters cope with daily life.

And it’s not just the mental stimulation and relaxation that having a fluffy friend brings into your life. It’s the joy and laughter and the distraction of playing silly games with our pets that help us to put the serious side of our lives back into perspective. See how the tennnis stars do it…..

Maria Sharapova with her dog

“Stunning Russian star Maria Sharapova dotes on her pet, a caramelcoated Pomeranian called Dolce who is thought to have appeared with her in TV commercials for Canon cameras – although it only later turned out Dolce had a stand-in. Dolce spends time with Maria when she’s at her home in America. “He’s my stress reliever,” she’s said of her pet…. “


Cute Dog

And as you can see, Maria Sharapova is not the only tennis star that keeps her feet on the ground buy spending time with her fluffy companion. Both Williams sisters have pet dogs and Andy Murray has two pooches that keep him company when life gets too much for him in the fast lane.

Andy Roddick also features in the famous tennis pet club with his dog called Billie Jean, named aptly after Billie Jean King, the famous womens Wimbledon champion. Do you have a pet that helps you to de-stress? If not, then it’s time to wake up and smell the roses!