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Man In Oregon Contracts The Plague From Fleas – Can Cats Do This?


This is crazy and I can’t really believe this story so I wanted to share it with you guys. I have never heard of anyone getting ill with the plague in the US in my lifetime – EVER!! What with medical science being as advanced as we know it to be and medical treatments being able to cure almost every disease known to man except cancer, this really sounds crazy.

But the good folks in Oregon say this really happened so go read the story for yourself if you don’t believe me…

(New) Oregon man contracts the plague after bitten by stray cat

“It’s an illness associated with the Middle Ages but a Central Oregon man is in critical condition in a Bend hospital, infected with the plague …KATU”


cat fleas

Well, it’s quite a story huh? And it seems that it’s not really all that bad – serious enough for the poor guy that got bitten, that’s for sure, but for us regular folks out there it definitely is no need to panic. Yeah, I know, in the Middle Ages many centuries ago thousands of people died from the bubonic plague – but back then nobody knew what was causing this horrible disease AND they had no antibiotics to treat it with.

But in those days cities were infested with millions of rats that invaded people’s dwellings and homes. And nonbody knew that the rat fleas carried the bacteria that cause plague, so the fleas hopped off the rats and bit the humans, and that’s how they got infected and died. Luckily we live in different times so the bubonic plague is not something to worry about – even if your cat sometimes behaves strangely.

But does anyone know if there is a way to protect our cats against rat fleas? Would regular flea treatments like Advantage Flea Control really work against rat fleas on our cats as well?