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Karl Lagerfeld’s Spoilt Kitty – Going Too Far?


We all know that there are two sets of rules out there – rules for us mortals and rules for celebrities. And the same applies to celebrity pets, like Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty Choupette. She is an adorable, white, fluffy kitten – but that is where her resemblance to a mortal kitten ends….

Most Spoiled Celebrity Pets: Karl Lagerfeld’s Bratty Kitty & More …

“Like seemingly everyone else in the fashion industry, we have a fascination with Karl Lagerfeld. He’s the perfect mix of creative mastermind and delightful nut. His eccentricities are always entertaining, and we’re always intrigued by what he is going to do next. Lately, he’s been making the rounds with his adorable kitten Choupette. Choupette is living the high life…”



We all adore our pets and Kaiser Karl is no different, but a kitty using an iPad? Get real!! I guess he is also compensating for not having had any kids so Choupette is his ‘baby’. I wonder what kind of flea treatment she gets? But when you read that the kitten has a daytime maid and another maid at night then things are starting to sound a little more crazy. How much time and money should we spend on our pets? Is there a limit or is no amount of expense too much when it comes to our pets?