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Helicopter Cat – Is This Crazy?


I have read and seen many crazy things that pet owners have done to remember their deceased pets but this is definitely a first. A pet owner in Holland who is also an artist was mourning his kitty that had died in a car accident. He wanted to honour the memory of his beloved deceased cat so he had it’s body preserved and turned it in to a helicopter!

Yes, and I do mean a helicopter, with full remote control and the ability to take to the skies whenever the owner wanted to take it for a flip. This is very weird but for those of you who have steady nerves, please read the article and watch the video below….

Man mourns dead cat by turning it into a helicopter | Stories | Seattle …

“The cat, whose name was Orville (I mean, it was destiny, right?), passed away after being hit by a car. That’s when Dutch artist Bart Jansen decided to preserve the striped feline’s body and turn it into a work of art that also happens to fly around the room in the most terrifying way that ever existed. The Orvillecopter is now on display in Amsterdam….”


For those of you with a sensitive nature this is probably upsetting, and I would have to agree with you. We all love our pets and want to remember them fondly after their passing, but a ‘cat helicopter’ is just a bit too weird for me. Some might even argue that doing this kind of thing is being disrespectful to the memory of your pet. What do you think – has this guy gone a step too far?