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A Story Of True Doggie Devotion!


Here is an amazing story of devotion and love that proves to us again how pets can be the best companions we could possibly ever have:

Dog, left at Missouri rest area, waits for 2 days

“« Feature Stories – AP HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) – A 9-month-old Yorkie wasn’t about to leave a Missouri rest stop without his master. Mistakenly left behind by an Arkansas truck driver, Rambo waited there for two days until his owner was able to track him …”


How do you like this cutie? A definite look of intelligence!

Yorkshire Terrier

This Yorkie had amazing staying power! He must have been very hungry and lonely and yet he waited patiently for the return of his owner – a sure sign of doggie intelligence. Is this a feature of the Yorkshire Terrier breed? Are Yorkies known for their intelligence and devotion? And this little fella was only 9 months old – amazing!