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Cats vs Dogs?


Here’s an interesting story about feral (homeless) cats and how they should be treated – and it’s definitely a case of cats versus dogs. The cats mentioned in this article have become a huge problem in this town and folks are complaining that they are not being kept under control by owners and the authorities. Read on below….

Cat law in city’s future?

“The alderman said he’s heard stories from residents dealing with cat urine and fecal matter and the animals ruining porch furniture and carpet. Buckley found a law from the Town of Tonawanda that demands cat owners maintain their pets in a way so that …”


I guess if there is a law that requires dog owners to have their animals licensed and kept under control then the same should apply to cats also? Dogs are not allowed to roam around neighbourhoods or make a nuisance of themselves by invading people’s homes and yards, so why should cats be granted this freedom?

It’s not quite that simple though, because cats tend to stray much more than dogs do – but does this mean that dogs are more intelligent than cats? Hmmm…. and cats are able to survive much better on their own in a homeless environment as feral cats. So does this mean that cats are more intelligent than dogs?