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Cat Obesity – funny or sad? Check out Garfield The Fat Cat!


We all love our pets because they are our best pals. And what do we with pals that we care for? We feed them the food they love. But what if they never stop asking for more? After all, the more we feed our pets the more they will love us. And when they put on some weight we tend to think they look cute and cuddly – but is there are more serious side to this story? Check out the article below about a 40 pound cat that became famous.

Op-Ed: Garfield, 40 Pound Cat – Awareness Raised or Pet Obesity, Glorified?

“….the headlines revolving around Garfield aren’t about the greatness of pet adoption or the good work North Shore Animal League is doing. The reality remains that the attention Garfield has received is, as much as anything, for his girth alone.

It is Garfield’s size alone that has grabbed national headlines. And that, in the eyes of this writer, is a problem……”


Here’s a beautiful (overweight?) kitty. Is this dangerous?

This is a fat kitty

So I guess the if we are really honest with ourselves we have to admit that overfeeding our cats and dogs can do more harm than good. They might look cute at first but in the long run they could get really sick from being to fat, which could shorten their lives. If you love your pets it’s best to watch what you feed them – and remember that quality is better than quantity. 

A fat cat or dog can create a lot of laughs but before you throw them another snack, think again! You could be doing far more harm than good – or are we taking this too seriously? After all, life is about doing the things you enjoy, and the same goes for our furry companions. What do you think?