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Buckle Up Your Pets – Are These Guys Serious?


It seems that we are living in a world with ever increasing laws and restrictions to govern our daily lives. And the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission seems to be leading the way! They are thinking of implementing a new law that will force pet owners to restrain their pets when driving with them in motor vehicles. Does this mean it will be illegal from now on to have your pet in the car with you if your furry friend is not buckled up? Crazy you say? Well, read on below and make up your own mind……

NJ: Buckle up Your Dog & Cat or Face Fines | FOX News …

“(I’ve never seen a cat in a dashboard as mentioned in the story.) I have a friend who let his dog ride in the back of his pickup truck, and the dog saw something …radio.foxnews.com/…/nj-buckle-up-your-dog-cat-or-face-fine…”


But judging from this video it seems some authorities are serious:

OK, so the way I interpret this article is that the authorities mainly object to pet owners having their (smaller) pets sit on their laps while they drive their cars, which could be a driving hazard. Also seen as dangerous is the habit of letting your pooch sit on the front seat and sometimes standing up on the dashboard with it’s front paws. Here I tend to agree with the writer – traffic safety is important after all.

But many folks like to have their pets on the back seat and I can’t really see that as being dangerous in any way, as long as it does not interfere with the driver. Even letting your dog hang his head out of the back window is OK in my opinion – a bit of fresh air is always good for our furry friends. As long as the window is not completely wound down so the dog can jump out and escape in the traffic.

But buckling up your dog (or cat!) on the back seat of your car seems rediculous to me. What do you think? And how about allowing your dog to sit or roam unrestrained in the back of your SUV or pick-up truck – is that dangerous? Common sense should prevail is what I say – most dog owners will know if their dogs are well enough behaved to allow this, so why do we need yet another law to tell us how to run our daily lives? Please let me know your thoughts below….