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Bacterium Dangerous To Humans Found In Pet Fleas!


Have you ever heard of something called a Bartonella infection? I hadn’t either until I read this article so I thought I should tell all our pet lovers about it. Bartonella is a bacterium that has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis in humans – and it is found in the fleas that can infest your pets! Are you scared yet? I certainly was because I had never heard about this before. Here is the article….

Flea and tick control safer for people, too

“Flea and tick control safer for people, too … The study makes controlling parasites a high priority for pet lovers, so talk to your veterinarian about effective parasite …”



Rheumatorid arthritis is that nasty chronic joint disease that destroys joints in humans and makes people have swollen, stiff joints and they can even end up in a wheelchair. I already suffer from arthritis in my hip joints but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that there could be a connection to a bacterium that is found in the fleas on my pets. If this is true then keeping our cats and dogs flea free has become a huge priority.

There are many reasons why you should regularly treat your pets against flea infestations but this has definitely added a far more serious reason to the list. A good flea treatment for your cat or dog should be high on your list of health priorities so if you have neglected it lately then it’s time to go and see your vet.