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Program Tabs 6 pk: X-Large Dog 46-90 lbs (21-40 kg) (White)

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Product Description


PROGRAM Flavor Tabs contain Lufenuron,  a very effective insect growth inhibitor which prevents the development of all stages of the flea life cycle. Program Flea Control for Dogs does not kill adult fleas but actually prevents the flea eggs and larvae from developing. This effectively destroys the flea life cycle and the entire flea population.

Fleas are the most commonly found canine and feline parasites and multiply quickly to infest the environment of both pets and humans. It&#39s important to remember that the fleas on your pet are all adult fleas and these can be eliminated by using an adult flea killer like CAPSTAR - but this does not eliminate the entire flea population.

Program Flea Control for Dogs (given as Program Flavor Tabs) and Program Flea Control for Cats (given as Program Suspension) goes to the heart of the problem by targeting the eggs and the larvae and stopping the flea life cycle dead in it&#39s tracks.

In fact, the adult fleas on your pet only represent about 5% of the flea population in your household. Each adult female lays up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime which become larvae, pupae and then adult fleas. So complete flea eradication requires a two-pronged attack with an adult flea killer like Capstar, and a flea life cycle inhibitor like Program Flea Control, as seen below:

Adulticides are flea products designed to destroy all adult fleas living on your pet. Most of them work within a few hours to 24 hours. Here Capstar is a good example. But before they die, adult fleas will have the opportunity to lay thousands of eggs. That&#39s why scientists are in agreement that the best way to prevent and eliminate flea populations is to combine the use of adulticides (like Capstar) with insect growth regulators like Program Flavor Tabs (see below). This is commonly known as Integrated Flea Control.

Insect Growth Regulators were developed by scientists specifically to target the egg and larval stages of the flea life cycle. They do this very effectively by preventing the flea eggs from hatching. So, if you are giving your pets Program Flea Control for Dogs or Program Flea Control for Cats, and they shed any flea eggs around your household, then they will simply die and get sucked up with the vacuum cleaner. So there is no need to spray your home environment or even wash the bedding too often.

How Effective is Program Flea Control?

In a scientific 3 year study conducted in real homes with pets, Lufenuron which is the active ingredient in Program Suspension and Program Flavor Tabs, was proved to be 100% effective in destroying and preventing the further development of flea populations.

Program Flea has been demonstrated to be extremely safe, and in excess of 250 million doses have been sold and administered world-wide over the last 10 years.

Using Program Flea Control all year round is advisable because weather patterns and temperatures can be unpredictable at times. But generally speaking fleas love hot and humid locations and will often hatch out in the spring when colder temperatures subside and it becomes warmer.

That&#39s why, as a responsible pet owner, you should give Program Flea Control for Dogs (Program Flavor Tabs) and Program Flea Control for Cats (Program Suspension) orally once a month. To ensure proper absorption it should be given with your pet&#39s meal and always ensure that all pets in your home are using adequate protection against fleas.


Program Flea : Buy Program Flea Control for your pet.

Program Flavor Tabs contain Lufenuron, which is an insect growth inhibitor that stops the development of the flea life cycle.

Program Flea Control for Dogs does not kill adult fleas - but Program (Lufenuron) Flavor Tabs effectively prevent flea eggs as well as flea larvae from developing. This destroys the flea life cycle before it can even begin, and so effectively destroys the entire flea population.

Program Flea Control is safe for your cat or dog and can be given as a once a month oral dosage.

How to use

Program Flavor Tabs and Suspension (Novartis)

Active Ingredient : Lufenuron

Indications for use:

Program Flavor Tabs and Suspension can be purchased in varying strengths for regular oral administration to your dogs, puppies, cats & kittens 6 weeks and older. Program Flea Control is a once-a-month flavoured tablet for puppies & dogs, and a once-a-month liquid for kittens & cats, and is used for the prevention and control of flea populations. Program Flea does not destroy adult fleas, but rather destroys the flea life cycle and flea populations by stopping the development and hatching of flea eggs.

How this product should be used:

Program Flea Control for Cats and Program Flea Control for Dogs should administered monthly, on the same day every month. Program Flavor Tabs are sold in 4 package strengths, for dogs up to 10 lbs, for dogs 11-20 lbs (and cats 1- 6 lbs), for dogs 21-45 lbs and for dogs 46 to 90 lbs. Dogs over 90 lbs should be given the appropriate combination of tablets. Program Suspension is available in packages for cats up to 10 lbs and two sachets should be given for cats 11-20 lbs. Program Flavor Tabs are best be given soon after, or together with, a meal. Program Suspension can best be given by mixing the correct dose with two table-spoonfuls of food.

Pet type & weight Dose Frequency Dose Strength
Small Dog: 5-10 lbs (2.4-6.7 kg)  1 tab a month  67.8 mg
Medium Dog: 11-20 lbs (2.4-6.7 kg)(or Cats 1-6 lbs)  1 tab a month  67.8 mg
Large Dog: 21-45 lbs (6.8-20 kg)(or Cats 7-15 lbs)  1 tab a month  204.9 mg
XL Dog: 46-90 lbs (21-40 kg)  1 tab a month  409.8 mg
Small Cat: 1-10 lbs (0-4.5 kg)  1 sachet a month  135.0 mg
Large Cat: 10-20 lbs (over 4.5 kg)  2 sachets a month  270.0 mg

 Special instructions:

Program Flea Contol must be administered monthly. In areas where the flea infestations are seasonal, treatment should begin a few weeks before the expected start of flea infestations. Treatment should preferably continue to the end of the flea season. When in doubt, consult with your veterinarian.

How should I store this product:

It is best to store this product at room temperature (59° to 86°F). And remember to keep it out of the reach of kids and pets. In the unlikely event of an overdose you should contact your vet or veterinary emergency room immediately.

Important Tip:

Program Flea treats and stops the flea life cycle at the egg and larval stages but does not kill adult fleas. For the most effective overall flea control in your home you should use Program Flavor Tabs together with a product like Capstar tablets. Capstar kills all the adult fleas on your pet within a few hours and dovetails well with Program for complete flea control in your household.

To give the two products together use the following dosage instructions:

Q & A

1. How much do PROGRAM Flavor Tabs cost?

The cost of PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs depends on your veterinary clinic and where you're located but, in general, PROGRAM Flavor Tabs cost less than competitive topical treatments when compared on a monthly basis.


2. Where can I get PROGRAM Flavor Tabs?

PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs are available through your veterinarian or you can order them right here on our website for much lower prices and get them shipped right to your door for your convenience.

3. Can I use PROGRAM Flavor Tabs with other flea products?

Yes. Especially during peak flea seasons, your pet may pick up adult fleas. If your pet is on PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs, those fleas will not successfully reproduce, and will die in a short time. But you may choose to use another flea product like CAPSTAR with PROGRAM Flavor Tabs to speed up the elimination of adult fleas.

4. Are PROGRAM Flavor Tabs safe?

Yes. PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs are approved by the FDA (NADA #141-035) and held to similar high safety standards as human medicines. PROGRAM Flavor Tabs have been safely and effectively used around the globe for years. They are safe for puppies as young as 6 weeks old.

5. Are PROGRAM Flavor Tabs effective?

Yes. In a three-year study, conducted in real homes with real pet owners, lufenuron, the active ingredient in PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs, was shown to be 100% effective in preventing flea populations (Dryden 1998).

6. Are PROGRAM Flavor Tabs safe for puppies?

Yes. PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs are safe for puppies as young as 6 weeks old.

7. How can I get rid of pre-existing fleas?

PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor Tabs do not kill adult fleas, so if there are already fleas on your dog or in your home, it may take a few weeks for these fleas to die off. Rest assured, PROGRAM Flavor Tabs are working, and the fleas on your dog will not successfully reproduce. Laboratory studies have shown that PROGRAM Flavor Tabs can be used safely with CAPSTAR (nitenpyram) which kills adult fleas. For full product information, see product label.

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Product Reviews

  1. Effective and Safe Flea Control Will Extend the Healthy Life of Your Pet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2017

    We began using Program twenty years ago when it was much more popular in the U.S.A. We were impressed with the safety and efficacy. No one enjoys putting concentrated pesticides on the back of their dog's neck. Products such as Frontline have quit working over the years as well. I believe Confortis to be extremely toxic to dogs and other pets. It is an oral ingestion of a spanosid pesticide. This type of product may be used safely in some agricultural and horticultural capacities. But there is a warning not to use it on flowering plants as it can poison bees. It is quite simply a dangerous poison for your pet. A large percentage of pets get sick the first time they ingest it. I'm sure it can cause death when used over time.

    For some reason, Program is no longer manufactured in the U.S. by Novartis. One report blamed it on the closure of a manufacturing plant. The Program sold by the Flea Treatment Center is a safe and reliable product which is still manufactured by Novartis. It is legal to import this product from South Africa. We have been doing this for several years since discovering the Flea Treatment Center. Buy an unknown, unregulated product on eBay at your own risk.

    Program inhibits the development of chitin in flea larvae. The infant fleas die when the eggs hatch. It is most effective when used twelve months out of the year. As long as the other dogs that your pet associates with have adequate flea control, there seems to be little risk of picking up adult fleas from the environment. But if your pet does get a few fleas at the dog park, these fleas will not be able to reproduce.