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Sentinel / Program Plus - 6 pack: Large Dog 26-50 lbs (12-22 kg)

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Product Description

Sentinel is called Program Plus  in some countries - the products are indentical.

Both are produced by Novartis and both contain Milbemycin oxime & Lufenuron.

(when ordering this product you will receive Program Plus)

Sentinel For Dogs gives your pet a great combination of flea prevention and protection against heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm – all in one tablet given once a month only!

That’s what makes Sentinel Flavor Tabs so convenient and easy to use for caring pet owners who now get Sentinel Heartworm protection and Sentinel Flea Control, as well as other parasites, all in one tablet.

SENTINEL (also called PROGRAM PLUS in some countries) contains the active ingredients Milbemycin oxime and Lufenuron.

Milbemycin oxime is active against and prevents heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm infestations in your dog. Sentinel Heartworm protection for your pet is especially important to guard against this dangerous parasite.

Lufenuron is an insect growth regulator which disrupts the flea life cycle at the egg and larval stage and in this way it destroys and prevents the growth of flea populations in your home and on your pet.

Sentinel For Dogs prevents immature fleas from molting to the next stage of the life cycle, and females feeding on animals treated with Sentinel Flavor Tabs will produce eggs which are then not able to develop further to the larval stage. This disruption of the flea life cycle at all levels results in very effective  long-term flea control on your dog and also in the immediate environment, to give you complete Sentinel Flea Control.

SENTINEL is safe for dogs of all ages and breeds and is very well tolerated even by Collie breeds and also breeding animals.

Product Indications

Sentinel For Dogs is a tablet given orally to prevent and control flea populations, to prevent heartworm disease (Dirofilaria immitis) and to treat and control roundworms (Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina), as well as hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum) and also whipworms (Trichuris vulpis) in your dogs.

Guide To Dosage and Administration

Sentinel Flavor Tabs are given orally with your dog’s  meal according to the following dosage table:

Size and weight  of dog Sentinel tablet strength Dose and frequency
 Small Dog 2-10 lbs (1-4.5 kg) (Red)

 2.3 mg Milbemycin oxime and 46 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally
 Medium Dog 11-25 lbs (5-11 kg) (Green)

 5.75 mg Milbemycin oxime and 115 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally

 Large Dog 26-50 lbs (12-22 kg) (Yellow)

 11.5 mg Milbemycin oxime and 230 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally

 X-Large Dog 51-100 lbs (23-45 kg) (White)

 23 mg Milbemycin oxime and 460 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally









For dogs over 45 kg : give an appropriate combination of  the above tablets.

For Sentinel Flea Control treatment can be started at any time to combat existing infestations. In cases where your dog has a severe infestation of adult fleas, an adulticide like CAPSTAR should be used to kill all adult fleas on your pet first. Give 1 Capstar tablet to your dog and 1-2 days later you can start treating your pet with Sentinel Flavor Tabs.

For heartworm prevention and other worm parasites you can also give treatment at monthly intervals. Preferably give Sentinel Heartworm treatment on the same date and  start 1 month before the transmission season begins, continuing until 1 month after it ends.


SENTINEL is called PROGRAM PLUS in some countries but the products are identical. Both are produced by Novartis Animal Health and both contain Milbemycin oxime & LufenuronWhen ordering this product you will receive PROGRAM PLUS.

Sentinel For Dogs :

  • -    Prevents heartworm disease
  • -    Prevents & controls fleas on your dog
  • -    Removes whipworms and roundworms
  • -    Controls hookworms

Sentinel For Dogs (also called Program Plus) combines Sentinel Heartworm protection with Sentinel Flea Control in one single tablet that can be given once a month for complete protection of your pet.

Sentinel Flavor Tabs provide Sentinel dog flea protection by killing flea eggs and larvae to disrupt the flea life cycle, and they protect your dog against heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm infestation.

SENTINEL is called PROGRAM PLUS in some countries but the products are identical. Both are produced by Novartis and both contain Milbemycin oxime & Lufenuron. When ordering this product you will receive Program Plus.

How to use

One tablet a month ofSentinel For Dogsgives total protection against:

  • -    Heartworm disease
  • -    Controls fleas on your dog
  • -    Controls whipworms & roundworms
  • -    Controls hookworms

Dosage Guide & Administration

Sentinel Flavor Tabs are given to your dog as an oral dose at mealtime using the following dosage table:

 Dog size and weight  Tablet strength  Dose
 Small Dog 2-10 lbs (1-4.5 kg) (Red)

 2.3 mg Milbemycin oxime and 46 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally
 Medium Dog 11-25 lbs (5-11 kg) (Green)

 5.75 mg Milbemycin oxime and 115 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally

 Large Dog 26-50 lbs (12-22 kg) (Yellow)

 11.5 mg Milbemycin oxime and 230 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally

 X-Large Dog 51-100 lbs (23-45 kg) (White)

 23 mg Milbemycin oxime and 460 mg Lufenuron

 1 tablet per month orally









Note: If your dog weighs more than 100lbs (45 kg) then he should be given the appropriate combination of tablets according to his weight.

For heartworm: give Sentinel Heartworm tablets monthly starting one month before the transmission season starts and continue until one month after it ends. If heartworm is not seasonal in your area then Sentinel for dogs should be given monthly, all year round. The above  recommendations also apply when your dog travels in and out of risk areas where heartworm infestation is known to be present.

If you are changing your dog over to Sentinel Flavor Tabs from another heartworm medication then the first tablet should be given within 1 month of changing over. You can give each tablet directly into your pet’s mouth after a meal or hide it in a piece of food, but each dose should be given with food.

NOTE:  older dogs living in heartworm areas who have never been treated should be tested for heartworm first, before the first dose is given. Once your vet confirms that your dog is uninfected then it is safe to start a heartworm prevention program like Sentinel.

For fleas: treatment with Sentinel Flea Control can be started at any time and once again the dose (1 tablet) is given once a month. You can treat your pet all year round but treatment can also be started in spring and continued until the summer (flea season) is over.

If your dog has a large amount of adult fleas to start with then it’s best to give an adult flea killer likeCapstartabs first, and then begin with Sentinel a day or two later. Fleas just spend just 1 stage of their life cycle on your dog and adult fleas make up only 5% of the entire population. The remaining 95% are larvae, eggs & pupae which can be found all over your home (in furniture, carpets, bedding, between floorboards) – and it is these 3 stages of the life cycle that are destroyed bySentinel Flavor Tabs.


Worms & Heartworm

Facts About HEARTWORMS: 

Heartworms infect your dog after an infected mosquito bites your pet. More than 300,000 dogs in the U.S. alone get diagnosed with heartworm disease and in severe cases it causes painful damage to your dog’s lungs and heart and may even result in death:

  • If left untreated dogs can die from heartworm disease
  • The average heartworm is about 12 inches long
  • Dogs are at risk all over the US, indoors or outdoors
  • Prevention of heartworm disease is much cheaper than treating it
  • Over 70 types of mosquitoes can be carriers of heartworm

Symptoms: many dogs are symptom free, but some animals become lethargic, start coughing, lose weight and have breathing difficulties.

Timing & prevention: Sentinel For Dogs kills heartworm larvae quickly and is safe for puppies over 2 lbs and 4 weeks or older. A simple once a month dose of one tablet is all the protection your dog needs to prevent this life threatening disease.

NOTE: always test your dog first before starting preventative treatment, as dogs already infected with heartworms can develop complications when starting preventative treatment.


Roundworms are common intestinal parasites and most puppies can already get infected by their mothers. Adult dogs can however also get infected from the soil or other infected animals like mice.

Symptoms can include vomiting & diarrhea, growth retardation, belly bloating and a rough coat. One Sentinel tablet a month will treat and prevent roundworm infection in your dog.

Facts About WHIPWORMS:

If your dog develops bloody diarrhea, looks dehydrated & anemic, and loses his appetite then you could be dealing with a whipworm infection. Detection of infection can be very difficult so many infected animals are never diagnosed or treated.

A female whipworm in your dog’s intestine could produce up to 2,000 eggs in a single day.  These eggs are carried in the animal’s feces and spread into the environment and soil, where they can survive for seven years or longer. Dogs that are in contact with or eat soil are quickly infected but can remain symptom free.

One tablet of Sentinel per month will eliminate and prevent any whipworm infection in your dog.

Facts About HOOKWORMS:

Hookworms are parasites that can cause a painful intestinal infection in your dog.  You should be suspicious if your pet loses weight, gets listless & anemic or has bloody diarrhea.

Eggs pass into the soil from fecal matter and if your dog has contact with such infected surroundings then he too will get sick. It’s even possible for the microscopic larvae to enter your dog by penetrating through the pads under his feet.

One tablet per month of Sentinel given with a meal will prevent and treat hookworm infections in your dog all year round.


Flea Facts

How Sentinel Disrupts The Flea Life Cycle: 

SENTINEL Flavor Tabs quickly stop fleas in their tracks, before they can become adults, with the insect growth regulator Lufenuron.

SENTINEL For Dogs tabs get absorbed rapidly and allow Lufenuron  to spread through the dog’s bloodstream. This protects your pet from the inside out.

Female fleas that feed on the blood of your dog absorb the killing power of Sentinel Flavor Tabs which is then passed on to thousands of their eggs. The eggs are then prevented from developing into the larval stage.

Any larvae that are already present are also eliminated because they always feed on the dirt which is excreted by the female fleas. This then prevents the eggs and all the larvae from developing into adults and so the flea life cycle is effectively destroyed.

Flea Facts:

  • Adult fleas make up only 5% of a the entire flea population — the rest (95%) are eggs, larvae (similar to maggots) and pupae found all around your home.
  • Each female can lay 50 eggs a day and up to 2,000 eggs in the 2-3 month life-span.
  • Flea dirt consisting of dried blood is excreted by adult fleas on your dog.
  • As your dog walks around your house, eggs and flea dirt fall off your pet and can be found in carpets, the furniture, bedding and between floor boards.
  • The eggs then hatch 2-4 days later and become larvae (maggots).
  • The maggots (larvae) avoid light and creep into carpets, furniture fabric, and cracks & crevices.
  • Flea dirt is consumed by larvae and they also feed on dead skin and other larvae.
  • Two weeks later the larvae spin silken cocoons and become pupae, which then hatch and become ad lt fleas again.

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