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Advantage-4pk (Red) Large Dog 21-55 lbs (9.5-25 kg)

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Product Description

When using Advantage Flea Control you will ensure that fleas stop biting your pet within 3 to 5 minutes after application. And more importantly, within the next 12 hours almost 100% of fleas will be destroyed (98-100%). It’s also long lasting and your animal remains protected for an entire month with 1 application. With Advantage Flea you also ensure that fleas get eradicated before they can lay any eggs so the entire flea life cycle is disrupted.

One package contains 4 topical treatments that each last for at least one month. Advantage for Dogs is great for fleas, but if you live in an area where ticks are also a problem then we suggest you use a Preventic Tick Collar as well to keep ticks of your pet.

How Advantage Flea should be used:

Break off the tip of the applicator to expose the liquid inside and carefully put the applicator tip through your pet’s fur until it touches the skin. On cats, you can apply it to the skin on the neck at the base of the skull. For dogs with a body weight of 20 lbs (9 kg) or less, Advantage for Dogs should be applied to the skin on the dog’s back between it’s shoulder blades. For larger dogs weighing 21 lbs (9 kg) or more, apply the contents of one tube to 3 or 4 spots along the skin on the back from the shoulder to the tail. Do not get this product in the pet's eyes or mouth.

Usage instructions:

Dog Flea Treatment - for dogs & puppies seven weeks or older

Cat Flea Treatment - for cats & kittens older than eight weeks

How it works:

Advantage Flea contains a very effective ingredient called Imidacloprid and this substance destroys the flea’s nervous system resulting in total paralysis of the fleas and rapid extermination. It only takes twelve hours from time of application and almost one hundred percent of fleas will have been killed (98-100%). It is also very effective against all the different stages of the flea life cycle which is disrupted completely. Even flea larvae are wiped out by the Advantage Flea Control system as soon as 20 minutes after contact with the active ingredient.


- Flea bites will stop within 3-5 minutes, providing fast relief for your pet

- After application it will start to destroy adult fleas within an hour and most will be eradicated after twelve hours

- Flea larvae that make contact with the active ingredient are destroyed within twenty minutes

- The application process is very simple, and it’s very safe for you and your pet

- Advantage for Dogs is known to be very gentle on your pet but it’s highly effective against fleas

- The product has a very high customer satisfaction rating compared to all flea products

- Waterproof, so it even remains effective after the pet has been immersed in water

- Advantage kills fleas on contact which means your pet does not have to be bitten for it to work & so avoids irritation, itching & painful flea bites

- Prevents flea tapeworm transmission as the flea always acts as a intermediate host

- May be used safely on lactating and pregnant pets

- It's odourless and there is no discolouration of your pet's coat

- The treatment is topical (non-systemic) so it's not absorbed into your pet's bloodstream

- Advantage is compatible with other commonly used vet products





Buy Advantage For Cats and Advantage For Dogs for the complete Advantage Flea Control experience.

Advantage for dogs destroys 97-100% of adult fleas on your four-legged friend within half a day (12 hours). In addition, it destroys reinfesting fleas within 1-2 hours. Fleas are wiped out before they're able to lay eggs and because of this it successfully blocks the entire flea life cycle.

It's a topical (spot-on) flea treatment that starts performing in minutes and is particularly uncomplicated to apply to the dog. And handily, it should only be applied once each and every month - so this is a mere 12 dosage amounts per annum.

For More In Depth Information On Advantage Flea check out the product description below.

How it works

Directions for use:

Advantage should be applied to your pet only once a month, 12 months of the year.

For small dogs and medium size dogs (up to 20 lbs) the contents of the applicator tube can be applied to a single spot only. The hair between the shoulder blades should be parted with your fingers, then place the tip of the applicator against the skin and squeeze the contents directly onto the skin.

For large and extra-large dogs (21 lbs and over) the fur should be parted and the contents of the applicator can be squeezed onto the skin at 3-4 spots from the dog’s shoulder blades to the tail. Take care to divide the contents evenly at all chosen locations.

Applications for cats and kittens should be made in one spot only, on the skin of the neck at the base of the skull. Again part the fur with your fingers and squeeze the applicator tube’s entire contents onto your cat’s skin.

In all cases only one applicator should be used per treatment, using the correct size applicator for your pet’s weight.

Please note: A once-a-month dose application is usually all that is required, but in some instances a more frequent dose application may be required when there is a very severe flea infestation on your pet and it’s environment. Advantage for Dogs and Advantage for Cats can be applied as often as once every 7 days until the infestation is controlled, after which you should go back to a once monthly application.


Dosage information:

Pet TypePet WeightAppropriate Pet Dosage
 Dogs & Puppies (7 weeks or older) 1-10 lbs (0-4.5 kg)

 1 applicator tube (Green box)

 Dogs & Puppies (7 weeks or older)

 11-20 lbs (5-9 kg) 1 applicator tube (Teal box)

 Dogs & Puppies (7 weeks or older)

 21-55 lbs (9.5-25 kg)

 1 applicator tube (Red box)

 Dogs & Puppies (7 weeks or older)

 55-100 lbs (25-45 kg)

 1 applicator tube (Blue box)

 Cats & Kittens (8 weeks or older)

 1-9 lbs (0-4 kg)

 1 applicator tube (Orange box)

 Cats & Kittens (8 weeks or older) 10-18 lbs (4.5 - 8kg)

 1 applicator tube (Purple box)


How it works:

The active ingredient of Advantage Flea Control is Imidacloprid. This ingredient quickly acts on the flea’s nervous system and causes subsequent flea paralysis and flea death. In only 12 hours you can rest assured that 98-100% of all fleas on your pet are dead.



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